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About Wind River Trading Company

Our Historical Connection

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Welcome to Wind River Trading Company, Santa Fe’s Largest Native American Jewelry store.

For over 40 years we are proud to be Santa Fe’s premier destination for the finest Native American Jewelry & art. Our goal is to bring you the finest Native American jewelry, pottery and other treasures from the best artists of the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi tribes and various pueblos of the southwest.

We strive at selecting the finest in quality from award-winning and our favorite up and coming artists. Our specialty is high-grade, rare, natural American authentic turquoise jewelry. In addition, we feature a variety of different gemstones set in traditional and contemporary American Indian jewelry. Most all of our pieces are unique, and one a kind.  Our jewelry is made with the highest quality of stones set in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. We hand select each piece for its beauty, value and quality of workmanship.

Whether you are looking for a valuable, natural turquoise in a piece of Navajo jewelry to add to your collection, a native design of Acoma pottery, or the intricate gemstone and turquoise jewelry by the Zuni Indians, you will enjoy our massive selection of American Indian jewelry. Native American jewelry is timeless, wearable art!

Come visit where the Natives have traded for generations, and see for yourself why Wind River has been considered a must stop destination when visiting Santa Fe for so many people over the years.

Over the many years, we have established personal relationships with many great artists. We regularly travel to the various pueblos and Indian reservations to bring you the highest quality in jewelry and art. Furthermore, we are visited daily at the store by artists who offer their pots, jewelry, weavings, and other art.

Keeping History Alive

Palace of the Governors Photo Archive, New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe

In today’s fast-paced world where modern sweatshops prioritize efficient mass production over craftsmanship, it can be hard to imagine wares produced in any other way. However, in many of the places where the handcrafted objects you see at Wind River Trading Company come from, time has stood still.


…a grandmother teaching her grandchildren to dig clay from Mother Earth, coil it into the shape of a wedding vase and fire it using a method that was passed down from her grandmother.

…a woman using naturally dyed wool from sheep she’s raised from lambs on her reservation to weave an eye-dazzling rug.

Without a place to sell the objects they make potters, silversmiths and weavers would have long ago ceased to exist as we know them today. When you buy from Wind River Trading Company you are supporting hundreds of independent artists quietly working in remote areas often without the modern conveniences we take for granted. With each purchase you are helping a tradition to live on for the next generation.

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Santa Fe’s Largest Native American Jewelry Store.    Locally Owned and Operated for Over 40 years.

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Largest Native American Jewelry Store in Santa Fe. Specializing in the Finest Navajo & Zuni Jewelry, Pueblo Pottery, 14K Gold Fine Jewelry, Moccasins, & More.