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Hand-Woven Natural Fiber Rugs

Hand-woven rugs are among the most coveted art from the Southwest because of their rarity and their beauty. Wind River Trading Company carries a sizeable selection of high quality hand-woven rugs from Navajo and Zapotec artisans. These weavings are all  made of natural wool and naturally-dyed fibers, just like they were generations ago.

Eye-Dazzlers and Other Popular Rugs

Navajo weavers often implement a number of traditional designs, including:

  • Eye-dazzlers—a dizzying geometric array with repeating diamond patterns
  • Genado Red and Two Grey Hills—color schemes unique to different parts of the Navajo Reservation
  • Yei—depictions of the Navajo Holy People

Navajo weavers usually raise their own sheep and use their wool for weaving. They also use local plants and herbs to make natural dyes. These dyes are used in the process of creating their magnificent works of art.

Zapotec rugs often use geometric patterns characteristic of Southwest art but will often feature banding at the ends and incorporate a wider array of colors than Navajo rugs.

A Dying Art

Authentic hand-woven rugs by Southwestern artists are becoming a rare find as old weavers pass away and younger generations don’t have the patience and abandon this traditional art form. In addition, environmental and economic conditions also make sheep raising difficult, therefore  reducing the wool supply.

Because of the rarity of these items, preserving your Navajo or Zapotec rug is important to maintaining its value. Using the rug as a decorative wall hanging to prevent foot traffic from damaging fibers and fading colors is an ideal display option. The knowledgeable staff at Wind River Trading Company has more valuable care tips to keep your hand-woven rug beautiful over the years.

For help in finding the perfect hand-woven rug to compliment your home décor,

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